odd affinities


“She was all that. So that to know her, or any one, one must seek out the people who completed them; even the places. Odd affinities she had with people she had never spoke to, some women in the street, some man behind a counter - even trees, or barns. It ended in a transcendental theory... the part of us which appears, are so momentary compared with the other, the unseen part of us, which spreads wide... be recovered somehow attached to this person or that, or even haunting certain places, after death. Perhaps - perhaps."​

Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway


An immersive multi-sensory performance devised from Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, based in Regent's Park, the streets of Westminster and one of Woolf's homes in Gordon Square. Loosely inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway, this immersive performance takes the form of multiple journeys around Westminster, Bloomsbury and Camden, culminating in a n ultimate performance at a shared location. Relying on soundscape, physical space, and absence to tell the story of Septimus, and the manifestations of PTSD post-WWII that existed those that survived. My role was not only as a performer but in the devising of the final piece working with a team of collaborators. I was also integral in creating and editing the soundscape. 

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Performed 2017, Odd Affinities, Photos courtesy of Patrick Baldwin