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Performed 2017, Manuel Vason's Studio, Unlearning Festival,

Photos courtesy of Jemima Yong

“As adults, we are conditioned by our overly dramatized perspective, by the media, by ourselves, into black and white thinking: ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. The refreshing thing about a child’s gaze is that it is not coloured by the need for ‘dramatic interpretation’, because that view of things does not connect to their own life. And if it does connect to their own life, it is tackled through imagination.”

Carly Wijs, playwright 


A ten hour durational performance, based around play and conflict, using audience participation as a key mechanism for creating the performance. Audience experience an ever present childish being with a harrowing, distinct look of a soldier. They are presented with confetti, crayons and games, whilst writing letters to whomever they like on military free post BFPOs. Simultaneously, the letters are handed to random spectators they join in the writing of a letter to a distant loved one. Then the day culminates in a childish game of SPLAT!, where people are pretend shot, until it culminates in an explosion of blood, the childish being has been shot. 


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