the hetero-queer 


Image made in collaboration with Manuel Vason

hetero-queer /ˈhɛt(ə)rəʊ-kwɪə/

A queer person who partakes in 'hetero' culture, including manifesting itself in 'straight' spheres of influence and social groups predominantly. Can be reversed to refer to non-queer people.

This is the umbrella term for most of my work regarding my own transition, including works such as A Man and his Calvins, Dave, SOFTboy, I'm Uncomfortable and Innuendo Bingo. It is an ongoing catalogue of work that frames and contextualises singular pieces of work into a single curated experience

The research around this new concept of the hetero-queer, and my experience as a hetero-queer, also manifests itself as a mode of thinking. This thinking includes looking at queer/'hetero' spaces and how that effects the artist, and the artist in relation to their queerness and their art: queer artist vs artist whose queer vs artist who makes queer art. 

The methodology of this research is practice based. If you would like to enquire about this line of work and contribute to/collaborate with this research please don't hesitate to contact me at