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Dave is an ode to Michelangelo's David, the 'most iconic piece of art'. (aaccademia.org) 

He is a product of contemporary mass production, made somewhere in China, repurposed by me, the artist. 

Absence of Goliath, absence of face, absence of violence, absence of conflict, when Goliath is stripped from the story so is David's entire personality.  

He is the ideal male form, this is 'healthy', this is aesthetically pleasing. 

Throughout history and the globe, a

country's power is represented by the

size of their statues' abdominal muscles,

a mound of muscle, fat and flesh turned

to stone.

Colour is a powerful tool. Colour takes a realistic representation of the male genitalia and turns it into a dildo.

One is obscene the other an image of female empowerment