who, me?

The purpose of my practice is to create a discourse exploring the intersection between being queer and: intimacy, the body, the artist, the art, the audience and the cultural landscape in which it exists. The outcome of which is a series of works in a range of performative mediums documenting my autobiographical trans* experience, this includes but is not limited to the mediums of animation, painting, photography, film, writing and sculpture. Use of pastel colour and references to contemporary popular culture are main motifs that run through this work to communicate the relevance of the LGBTQ+ experience




  • Undeniably Queer 

  • Unashamedly Autobiographical 

  • Unforgivably Contemporary

" I am a queer body and a queer mind, exploring intimacies, the ephemeral and relationality in regards to that body. To document is to exist, and through the archiving of my own trans* experience I become. To write and rewrite the narrative through being and making, to grow, observe and reflect. To look amongst the queer bodies around me, listen and absorb and share, to be present, to be, to. Through making I hope to fully realise my own experience as a trans* being: when I am queer I am. My art is made up of fragments of acknowledgment, exploration and celebration of this. "



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